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    Rectifier charging system.

    Hi guys, has anybody bought a new rectifier to find it's also defective?

    I ask ask because I'm starting to think mine is :/

    in a nut shell I got the "12v low " light flash up on the dash so I ordered a new rectifier. I messured the resistance of my old one and it was for sure failed.

    so when my new one came I messured that across all 2 wires and it was consistant. So I fitted it and the "12v low " symbol on the dash did not show up but the voltage reading is all over the place! Going from 13.5v then spiking to 1v then 8.v then back to 13v and so on. So I then checked to see if it would jump up to 14v if I revved it up but nothing it just keeps fluctuating around 13.v and under.

    So i checked the resistance on the stator and all 3 wires came back 00.1 on a ohm test and nothing went to ground.
    I took the rectifier of just there and doing a ohms test across the 3 wires is not consistant anymore!? I'm getting 598, 618, 648 :/

    I've load tested the battery and all is good and it holds a charge over night not problem, stator seems all good , I've checked the earth by propping the red and black wires go to the rectifier and I get a 12.6v with engine off so it's got an earth.

    Im just puzzled that the ohms reading on the new rectifier was 598,598,598 and now it's not as constant and it give me a fluctuating voltage from the second it was fitted and the 12v low light went away but now I've went to check it again with a ohms test it shows different :/
    any help Would be fantastic

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    Sounds like it's bad. There's no such thing as quality control anymore and stuff like that happens more and more often.

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    Only thing that gets me is it seemed fine by an ohms test before fitting then after a few starts the ohms test is different and non consistant :/

    dose anybody recomend a aftermarket rectifier to suite a rx di 951?

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    Buy the heavy duty version from OSD Marine.

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