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Thread: bilge questions

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    bilge questions

    yes another post on bilge pumps...

    so i have gone though all the posts i could find on bilge pumps and installs but i have some questions..

    i settled on at least a rule 550 but...

    1) should i go manual or automatic?
    2) if manual do i want a float switch or a toggle switch by the bars, or both?
    3) if automatic will it only run with the DESS key on and the ski running (guessing relay?)
    4) is it worth buying the $125 seadoo kit which has the bracket
    5) or just 5200 it down and stop being anal?
    6) in regards to connecting the tube to each tie or SS clamp?

    with the seadoo kit i know its a 460GPH pump which i think is fine but would rather have the 550GPH. i will not use the outlet or tubing that comes with it. i will snag an orange outlet from blowsion and some clear tubing from home depot.

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    Stop being anal and epoxy that shit! In the end I went with a manual pump and wired right to the battery and the on/off switch was mounted under the steering in that flat unused area. Something about an auto pump only working when the engine is on seems like a bad idea IMO. I guess it's all in how you wire it? Not an electrician here so I don't really know.
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    Check out the Whale 650 Supersub bilge pump.

    I have these in both my machines and like that you can leave them in auto without draining the battery as they have an ultrasonic detection system so the current draw is next to nothing when left in auto. I wired mine direct to the battery through a fuse and an on/off/auto switch in the glove box. Whenever the ski is in the water I leave the switch on auto. I was unsure how a float switch would hold up under the constant bouncing a PWC can do and I didn't like the ones that run every few minutes as a way to check for water.

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    I installed in my ski whale SS1212

    I think that they are perfect for tight places and S1212 is 1100 GPH

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