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    West Palm - Jupiter Riders

    I've been riding out of Burt Reynolds park in Jupiter and was wondering how many people I see out on the water also belong here. Could use a couple riding buddies in the area.

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    I'm in PGA and always looking for riding with friends.

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    Pm inbound. Where do most typically launch from?

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    When I do ride recreationally, I'm sometimes down in that area

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    I'm moving to the area soon and ride all the time. What are the good riding areas in pb area?

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    For me so far the Ocean is the best (with some waves of course). For those riding in this area maybe we can post up when/where we are going out and meet up at the ramp to go ride.
    I'm going out Tuesday morning (10-11 AM) most likely launching out of Jim Barry park instead of Burt Reynolds in Jupiter.

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    How was your ride launching from Riviera?

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    Launching out of Jim Barry park was great. The ramps and docks are pretty damn clean.

    I packed a cooler full of ice cold drinks and fresh fruit/snacks and the wife and I laid out on peanut island. Every half hour I'd hop on the ski and take off for a 20-30 minute ride then cruise back and anchor the ski and relax some more.

    Will be doing this same thing on Tuesday if anyone wants to join.

    Quick questions: Do you need registration numbers on both sides of a PWC in Florida?

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    Yes numbers on both sides but registration decal only on one side

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    Im in PSL and launch at either Sandprit park in stuart near the inlet or recently one of the ramps on the St Lucie river in Port St Lucie. Been to Burt Reynolds a couple times, but its just way to busy to try and launch there by myself.. I hate tying up a ramp while I dock the ski, then run back and park the car.

    I usually ride on sunday and monday (my two days off). Im always down for a ride, have yet to meet up with anyone else and riding solo gets boring FAST.

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