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    Help me to take intake bracket off my 06 STX 15 F

    My wife sucked in wake boarding handle in and broke intake grate. I tried to take it off but after a week of soaking it with PB blaster it doesn't move at all. I took off the pump and I am trying to take off the bracket so I can chisel the grate off the bracket. I cut off as much of silicone and I took 2 screws from the hull and 4 from the bottom but the freaking bracket does not move at all. WTF am I suppose to do to get this part of my ski? Should I pull it toward the back of the ski or just try to pry it down with crobar or something. I am getting really frustrated here. Kris

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    Your talking about how the grate veins are stuck in the pump shoe right? If so it's a royal pain to get that undone due to steel shims that were placed in there as well. The metal basically becomes one. In my case the veins ended up breaking from all the prying, so now I was stuck with small pieces in those grooves. I had to buy an impact hammer to get them out, which worked very quick. I then put an aftermarket intake grate on, which slid right in with no issues and I didn't have to remove the pump shoe. Good luck.

    This is the impact hammer I got..

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    I am thinking about getting the whole thing out so I can soak it up with something or cut the grate more precisely. Do you know how to take that bracket off?

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    There are like 4 or 6 bolts that hold the pump shoe on, 2 or 4 on the bottom and 2 inside, then its just a shitload of silicone.


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    Here is a thread post which describes how to take off the pump bracket. You are doing it right. It's just a pain because of all the silicone. Once you get the bracket off, you can work the shims out from the top using a screwdriver, then use a Dremel to remove the parts that are fused to the bracket.


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