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    Question about 95 to 94 GTX Fuel Tank Swap

    The 94 GTX I just bought needed a jet pump and some other misc parts. While looking I came across a fellow that wanted 2 1995 GTX's and a 97 out of his yard. I got them cheap for parts, all the engines were crap. One of the parts I need for my 94 is a fuel baffle. I was wondering if the fuel tank for the 95's will drop in without any modifications so I can use the 95 baffle. Anyone done this? I hate to tear out both fuel tanks and find the 95 won't fit in the 94. Thanks for the help, this site rocks!

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    do you have any parts of the 97 gtx, body parts? also have you read about the safety recall on gas tanks, I read on here that the dealer would replace you gas tank free of charge.. i will call my local dealer to see if my gtx will get it.. let me know if you have any body parts of the gtx.. thank

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    I sent you a pm about the parts. Please reply with pm.

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    Anyone know if the 95 tank will drop in? Will the baffle be compatible with the 94 fuel gauge? If not does anyone have a 94 baffle they would trade for a 95? Thanks all for your help

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    Okay, answered my own question today. A 95 tank (12 gal) will drop in to replace the 8 gallon 94 tank. Don't know if the sender in the baffle is compatible yet, gonna drop a battery in and see this weekend. The 95 tank is lower where the oil tank sits on top of it so I'm gonna have to prop the old tank up or use the 95 oil tank or just block off the oil and premix. Haven't figured that one out yet. If I do swap the oil tanks it will require mods to the mounting hole. The 94 filler hose is riveted in where the 95 filler hose is threaded for a large nut like the gas filler hose is. The 95 hole may be larger also I haven't had a chance to measure it. Seemed so simple just putting in the 95 tank lol. Here's to a long drawn out Indian Summer! I may yet get this project on the water! Hope the water temps stay up through October!

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