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    Looking for new helmet suggestions??

    Im looking for a new helmet for primarily wave jumping and buoy riding. Looking at MX helmets cause i was told thats what would protect the best. Was looking at a few of them. HJC CL-X6,, Fly Kinetic Inversion, Vega Flyte...Anythoughts or other suggestions would be greatly kinda on a budget too Thanks guys

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    saw this too AFX FX-17

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    I have a Fox Racing V3, it's made out of carbon fiber and Kevlar and only weights 2.9 pounds. I think it's the lightest out there, it also has removable pads so you can wash and dry them out. It's pricy but worth it. Whatever you end up getting make sure it is light, because it won't be once it is wet.

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    I am not racing and will be getting a full face kayak helmet. I don't need the protection from a colision with other boaters as much as impacts with the water and my ski. I just want to keep my teeth.

    So I decided a shred ready carbon deluxe was what I wanted. It weighs 1.6 lbs or less I think. They are about $260. I have used the non full face version and it's light as hell.

    This is the pic on amazon.

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