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    Oil for '94 tigershark Monte Carlo?

    Hi there,
    I have my eye on a 94 tiger shark monte Carlo.
    I am hoping to get a couple summers worth of fun out of it.
    I have searched to the ends of the internet and I cannot seem to find what type of oil should be added to the reservoir.
    Can anyone can anyone help me?

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    Any two stroke outboard marine oil will work for you. personally I use Pennzoil TCW-3 synthetic. they sell it at walmart.

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    Thank you both so much!

    When I bought my Yamaha WaveRunner, the Yamaha store sold me 2w yamalube.
    The sticker on the inside of the machine directed me to use TCW-3. That is what I ultimately used.
    Would the 2W have a damage my machine?

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