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    Reset ECU - Help...Help, help!

    Hi there,
    Made a huge mistake. My 2004 FXHO ECU died with 51 hours on it. That makes me sick by itself. My dealer said to save money go ahead and order it my self. Being the genius I copy/pasted the wrong number. I ordered a 2005 ECU instead of a 2004 ECU.The last numbers change from an 04 to an 05 with 00-00 to 10-00.

    Plugged it in and it threw 2 codes. Figured out quickly it was the wrong ECU. Yamaha will take it back as long as it shows no codes or VIN.
    The place where I ordered it will take a $250 restock fee. ECU was a hair over $1000 so this is making me very sick and of course I have to order the new ECU. Expensive mistake.

    My dealer will help out but not sure how to clear the codes. As soon as they plug the ECU into the ski it throws the codes immediately. Slant Detection and an intake overheat which is just due to Yamaha changing the sensor pins year to year. Any way to clear it without pulling the codes?

    Any, any, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
    Thanks so much,

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    well on the code issue , i don't know if the ecu actually stores the codes or not , on the vin issue don't worried about it. all you can do is send it back and hope for the best.

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    Can you change the sensors to 2005 sensors so it will work without throwing codes, or will they not fit?

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    If you can get a wiring diagram for both years, you could probably change the pin locations in the plugs to fix that issue if that is truly what the problem is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LT1GMC View Post
    If you can get a wiring diagram for both years, you could probably change the pin locations in the plugs to fix that issue if that is truly what the problem is.
    Hi there, that would be interesting but at this point I ordered the 2004 ECU so I have $1200 sitting on my counter in a box. I can either clear the codes or sell it. Anyone need a new 2005 ECU lol...

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    If you can find someone with a ski that the ecm will work in and talk them into letting you temporary install it. You could use it as a surrogate system to reset the fault codes.

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