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    760 XL Oil usage

    How much oil should this be using in a 1998 XL760? I seem to be running about 28:1 with the stock oil injection. Seems excessive to me. Smokes a lot on the trailer.

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    If it has the old style oil pump with no cable to the throttle then it is running too much oil, about everywhere in the range but especially idle. Change it to 50-1 premix and you will be greatly pleased, with both oil consumption and also less smoke/plug fouling.

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    yes it has the old style pump. I really dont want to deal with premixing fuel. Pain in the butt when you're buying gas on the water.

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    That's why I reinstalled the oil system back on my skis. They will smoke on the trailer, whether they are pre mix or not. Normal consumption is about 2 1/2 to 3 tanks of gas to a tank of oil.

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    I have a nice looking oil pump I took off my Gp760 I was considering putting back on. I have a hard time running an oil pump. I bought a ski at a dealership that they rebuild and the pump came off the block, frying my engine. Gulf Coast Marine in Corpus Christi it was.

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