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    1998 jet ski 750 sxi cavitation\ porpusing problems

    My jet ski does alot of bouncing around at full throttle
    I can ride it atvhalf throttle and its fine but as soon as inpunch it she lifts and starts giving er the dolphin effect I've been told its cavitating I just wanna know what you guys think and what I can do to fix it

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    It is not cavitating, it is porposing. This is very common on this model. I have a 97 750 ZXI does same thing. You can start by adjusting trim nose down that will help somewhat.
    Then you may need to install some trim tabs. This will help a great deal. What seems like cavitating is that the prop is still cranking @ high rpms when the ski is not hooked up. (out of the water). Good luck

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    I've never heard of trim tabs on a JetSki. More down trim will help, shifting your weight or turning the handlebars slightly to one side can help. It is probably worse when the fuel tank is low.

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