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    IBR module error, Dealership no help

    Oh my problem child. 2011 rxt-x, IBR module error. Went to the ocean for some wave jumping and would get this error, which would send the engine in limp mode. Unplugged the battery for a couple hours and it would work again. This would happen several times throughout the week. In fairly rough waters, it was fine. Only when I would start wave jumping it would go to limp mode. It's at the dealership now, and since they can't duplicate the issue they said they'll just be chasing their tail.

    I've read other post, check wire harness near the exhaust, my fuse/battery box needs to be replaced, check the electrical connections. Any other things to think about, before I pick it up from the dealership? Dealership did do a software update, but the ski was in the dealership in January with a update.

    Thanks guys

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    bet you will be buying a module, $$$$...... just smile as they stick it in your rear end
    good luck will need it
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    Just fixed a 2010 rxt that the IBR was stuck in neutral and throwing codes ended up being in the fuse box... pull out the 5 amp IBR fuse and the other IBR fuse i think its a 30 Amp make sure their nice and clean and that the fuse box terminals are in good...and do the same with the CAN Hi/Low bus bars pull it all out clean inspect and plug them back it...Its worth trying and that's what solved my problem

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    yup pull fuses and re install...fix's most

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    fuses but also connection bars, all of em out, brushed em very well, clean all connections pins with a tiny sharp screwdriver, check big rectangular connection plug under handlebar, ibr electric connections checking and cleaning if necessary, all of that will solve most problems

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    Thanks guys, good stuff, will do

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