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    94 SL 750 Electrical Issues


    I'm sure theres a thread somewhere for this but might as well ask.

    Im working on a 94 SL 750 for a friend. The ski has been sitting for 10+ years so i started with a compression check and then pulled the motor for gasket and fuel system updating. I installed a triple outlet fuel pump and all new fuel lines, top end gaskets, plugs, the works. After i got the ski put back together i noticed the starter wasn't always functioning with every attempt. Ive determined that it is the solenoid and have ordered that part.

    My concern comes with the MFD and its fuse. After letting the ski sit for a couple of days with the battery hooked up, i went in to the garage today to find the battery dead. I wanted to investigate the MFD some more so i put in a spare battery, replaced the fuse, bypassed the solenoid, and fired the ski up (on the hose of course), and i noticed the fuse was blown instantly and obviously the MFD wasn't functioning. I guess my point is, does anyone have an idea why the battery drained in only a couple of days or why the fuse keeps blowing?

    I've read that the fuse will blow from either the MFD already being shot or the rectifier going bad.

    On a side note, there is a Tan wire coming from the box, not with any other wires that isn't connected to anything. Its not the Tan wire that runs to the water rail because that wire is connected to the box as it should be. If anyone knows where this wire might go i would appreciate that advise as well!

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    Check the battery voltage when the engine is running. I am suspecting the charging system is producing excessive voltage which in turn is causing the MFD fuse to blow. Rev the engine up and monitor the battery voltage.

    The battery drain is most likely caused by a failed LR voltage regulator module, which would need to be replaced. This would also correct the over voltage charging system, if that is what is happening.

    Normal charging system voltage at the battery would typically be between 13.5 and 14.5 volts.

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