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    Riva Athena ECU - Engine Temperature Setting - 2012 Yamaha FX Sho

    I have the RIVA/ATHENA Pro-Series ECU for my 2012 Yamaha FX Sho with the 1.8L Engine.

    I have the Maya Software installed (the free license - I do not have the Advanced license).

    I have the Riva Stage 2 Map installed on my ECU.

    I want to know at what engine temperature does the Engine Temp Light come on based upon the readings of the THERMOSENSOR ASSY OEM Part # 6AA-85790-00-00 and / or the THERMO SWITCH ASSY OEM part # 60E-82560-01-00?

    Does anyone know how the ECU reads the engine temperature?

    To put in another way, does anyone know how the THERMOSENSOR ASSY OEM Part # 6AA-85790-00-00 and the THERMO SWITCH ASSY OEM part # 60E-82560-01-00 work?

    Do those sensors actually measure the specific temperature and send those readings to the ECU in real time or do they simple send a signal when the temperature reaches a specific level?

    For instance, if the ECU is set to trigger the Engine Temp Light when the engine temperature reaches 180, I would like to increase that temperature to something higher, such as 200.

    Is that even possible based upon how the sensors work or are the sensors programmed to send a signal at a certain temperature.

    I tried to look at the Stage 2 map parameters and I can not find anything about the settings for when the engine temperature warning light comes on.


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    The Athena reads all stock sensors the same as the OEM ECU would, The Athena does have ability to be adjusted to turn light on or off , but we always have that set at OEM specs so you have all the same fail safe protection against damage from over heating. If you have an issues or detailed questions please feel free to contact us directly @ [email protected] or call 954-247-0705

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