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    How reliable are the 1.8l engines? (HO not SHO)

    I've been shopping for a 2012 FX HO, and keep getting jerked around by sellers who don't have their act together, can't pay it off to get the title, are asking MORE than new, etc.

    Finally I find a guy who seems legit, with a good price on a BARELY used ski. Unfortunately, unlike most, he bought it with the standard 1 year warranty that has expired.

    Any thoughts on the 1.8l reliability? If this were a $3000-4000 ski I wouldn't bat an eye. But the going rate is +/- $10k for these which is tough to swallow if it blows up.

    I'd buy new but by the time I get done with it, I'd be at $13,500-14k out the door. That $4k-5k savings is tough to argue with if the machine is reliable.
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    1.8 is rock solid. No worries.

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    Got 300 hours on an fx ho 2010 1.8 , not even one problem occured , go for it

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    Thanks guys, I made him an offer, we'll see.

    Will I need anything special to do a compression test on it? Unusual spark plug size or depth?

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