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    2013 RXT-X 260 Icontrol problem

    I just got a 2013 RXT-X it has 13 hours on the ski. Now the Icontrol is starting to trip out. When I push the Icontrol bottom the dash comes on then shuts off, with the dash display off if you put the safety key on the post the dash will light up and you can start the ski. So my question is has anyone had this problem with the new I control systems and if so how was it fixed. I am attaching 2 videos that show what is going on.
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    Alan welcome to the GH
    you have posted your question in the wrong forum
    sorry, but most end up replacing the expensive module
    there are many post and info on the IBR system and faults
    so you should search the 4-Tec Performance forum for help
    good will need it

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    I'm thinking this is normal. I'm not in front of my ski at the moment though. I could be wrong

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    not normal.... I have the same Ski and mine doesn't do that.

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    not normal

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    Definitely not normal at all. I have the exact same ski / year.

    When you put the key on the post, the display should not power up.

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