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    f15x engine in r12x hull

    i picked up an f15x that was in an accident and totalled. i have access to an r12x hull, anybody know if the engine mounts are the same for both hulls? if it bolts in it should be an easy swap, only other things i can see is shaft lenght, and maybe having to modify the intake as i think its too long to fit the hull.

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    Go for it ! Worth a shot . It will have a killer holeshot!

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    well the project is a go, started to take the f15x apart today, i would love to be able to start it before i take the engine out, but the gauges are broken, i need gauges in order for it to start, anybody know where i could find a used ones?

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    Will the r12 gauges not plug in?

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    no they wont, not the same connectors, and the hull im using doesent have the gauges on it either, so i have to buy a set either way, so instead of having to try and hack the wiring ill get a set of f15x gauges....

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    update, finally had the time to do this, its up and running. only problem i have so far is im having big time cabvitation issues... im using a solas 17/29 prop for starters as thats what i had here. I cant punch the throttle until 30mph or it will hit the rev limiter. I have the f15x prop here ( wont fit the r12x pump) and the design is way different between the 2 props or even he stock r12x prop... the 15x props leading edge is way bigger in surface. thinking of getting a solas with a 19/30 done from impros to try out? wot throttle is pretty close, im turning 6650 rpm at stock boost and a stock f15 at stock boost is 6450. i plan on upping the boost when i get the prop figured out. I have the f15x intercooler kit from h20 and his modules on the ski also, picked that up off another f15x pictures to come ! if anybody knows stock pitch of 15x impeller it would be appreciated, read it was 18/25, but even then i cant compare it to the 12x stuff, not same design at all. not sure what to do

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