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    im getting no spark pls help with a few questions

    i cant tell what year this ski doo is cant engine turns over strong battery brand new but dosent start..?

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    Post a pic. The last 2 of the HIN is the year. We can then tell you the appropriate forum to post, as this is for the seadoo spark

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    That would be awesome if it's a no spark issue and not A seadoo spark.

    but by all means your a newbie and started the post please follow up we're all here to help. What kind of ski what have you done to test? I won't discriminate. Let us know where you at

    the engine won't turn over at all? If you try to turn the flywheel by hand does it move at all? Could be rock in impeller, seized cylinder, electrical issue, bad safety lanyard or starter or switch, list goes on. More details please

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