If you didn’t already have 10,000 different reasons to attend the annual IJSBA World Finals, one in particular was the ever-present Jettrim Vintage Museum booth. The large pavilion was home to some of the sport’s most iconic standup skis, including some of the best examples of classic racing machinery, posters, advertisements, and banners. Pulled from Jettrim president Gary Hart’s own private collection, the museum was always a sight to behold.

Unfortunately, due to extraneous circumstances, Gary’s vault of vintage skis won’t be made available to the public. But fear not! Scott Frazier and all of the IJSBA are on the case. To get the whole story, you have to start with a post recently published on Gary and Kelly Hart’s Facebook wall that stated:

Hi folks,

We are unable to do the Jettrim Vintage Museum this year, but Scott Fraizer, the director of the IJSBA is going to do one for us. This is the letter Scott sent us [see below]. Please respond to him if you are interested in helping.
– Gary and Kelly

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