So what is The Global AquaMoto GP Championships, you ask? It’s a race that every PWC has a class to race in. According to event coordinator, Chris “Fish” Fischetti, “This is what our sport has been missing for years, and it is time to get back to where the racing, excitement and fun that our sport originated from.”

Scheduled for September 26-28, 2014, AquaMoto has also changed the skill level of racers: The all-new Beginner Class (B *Class) is aimed for new or less-experienced racers. New additions to the The Global AquaMoto GP Championships include the Aqua Moto Timed Track, which Fish calls “a lot like slalom, just with more turns), and is open to all classes and levels of riders.

Likewise, the Aqua Moto continues to be the only event where standard close course racing is restricted to only Vintage Ski, and all other Ski Classes, Sport and X2 classes.
A second new event is the Long Course Race, dubbed the “King of Body Beach Super Course.” This will be a dead engine LeMans-style start. Every skill level of rider will race together in each division to determine the King of Body Beach. It will feature a simplified buoy long course track with a very long first turn to space out all the racers. This will allow runabout racers to ride safe at speed on a larger track. Best of all, every kind of PWC can be the King of Body Beach.

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