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    Was it the bilge pump all this time? WTH

    2001 SLH would randomly have no spark, some days it would start 10-15 times no problem and then randomly nothing.. After much research and frustration I noticed the only way to get it to spark again was to take my test light and touch it to the red cdi power wire and it would light up for a second and discharge the cdi. Hmmm why is that, then i thought if I hard wired a 12v light or something it would automatically discharge the cdi after shut down. Then I noticed that the Bilge pump was on the same circuit and the fuse was blown because the pump was stuck. After replacing pump and fuse it has not failed yet and I noticed the pump runs for .5 sec after pressing the stop button.(discharging the cdi) I am pretty sure this was not its intended purpose but it fixed the problem

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    With nothing connected to orange the voltage bleeds down very slowly when the engine is killed. With something that draws power attached it drops to zero almost instantly.

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