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Thread: Hood Shock RXT

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    Hood Shock RXT

    Hey guys I just bought a replacement hood shock for my 2006 RXT, but man its hard to compress the shock anyone know how many lbs of pressure is needed to retract the shock, I think the shock is locked up I want to make sure its not just me loosing my mind before I contact the seller that the shock is busted and need a replacement shock. thanks in advance, RIDE ON!!!

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    The gas spring may have a force rating on the label. It may be rated in pounds or Newtons.

    It can take a lot of force to compress the gas spring on some models. On a different model PWC the gas spring for my hood is rated at 80 pounds of force.

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    You are not doing it correctly. Read this TSB to see how simple it is to use a ratchet in the bracket to attach the shock.

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