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    new fishing cooler/bait tank/storage concept using HD coolers

    Made using a Yukon 50qt cooler, army ammo cans, dewalt parts organizers, angle iron, 1.5" pipe for rod, net, hook holders. Inside the cooler is a the typical PVC/bilge pump bait tank, except I wired it to a bait timer and a 12v battery that's used for deer feeders, very small. That battery now has two solar panels mounted on on the top of one ammo can that keeps it maintained. The organizers are mounted together (keeps them from separating), lid of one is bolted to the bottom of the other. The bottom organizer is bolted to the cooler lid. Just needs a eye bolt on front of the cooler to secure a turnbuckle to the PWC tow hook. The rear is secured using one rachet strap from cooler handle through both PWC mounted trailer tie down loops, then back to opposite cooler handle. This should apply a three point attachment that applies forward, backward, and down forces to keep the cooler in place. I still need to paint the bare metal and replace carbon bolts with SS.
    Tell me what ya think! Thumbs up or thumbs down? Suggestions?
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    Well, you def get an "A" for ingenuity and design. Ordinarily I wouldn't ask, but you've got a lot going on back there - so provided the worst case scenario, can you still do a side-mount from the water?

    Also, if you're in any kind of salt, I think the ammo cans will buy the farm sooner or later, but they can easily be replaced. And you have to figure, depending on weather and seas, the inside of the ammo cans and organizers will likely get wet.

    I'm interested in your ride aspects/results... please report your findings. Good luck,

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    Thanks for the "A"! I'm 160Lbs and 27 years old So the side mount isn't a problem! After I welded the ammo cans on I thought "you dumb ass, why didn't you bolt on plastic dry boxes and use stainless angle iron"! Guess I was jumping the gun a little! Good thing we have heavy duty oil based paint at work I can brush next addition to it will be a lightweight wire basket that mounts on backside of the cooler and holds 2 2.5 fuel cans
    My ride is a 2003 gtx 185. But I'm going to purchase either the 2014 or 2015 Yamaha fx-svho in late December of this year.

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    I'd powdercoat it, but then I powder everything. LOL
    Doubt those poor ammo can hinges will make the trip too many times though. It'll work until you build your next one... that's the way mine always are. THey work today and tomorrow I have new ideas of what I want to do. Way to give it a go and roll your own. We all learn from each other and our own efforts. SOme are good, some are better.

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