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    Question impeller spun off the stub shaft (again)

    I bought a 97 SLT780 (first Polaris) knowing something was up with the impeller or jet pump. I removed the jet pump and found that the impeller was not screwed onto the stub shaft. The bearings were fine as the shaft movement was smooth without any grittiness to it. One of the orings on the stub shaft was missing so I added that. The threads on both the stub shaft and impeller are fine. The front driveshaft rubber bumper was shredded so I replaced that (the rear bumper was intact). The service manual says to simply apply grease to the impeller stub shaft threads so I did that and put everything back together. I took it for a ten minute test ride and all was fine. I thought I was lucky since all I had to do was replace an oring and one rubber bumper and then put everything back together. HOWEVER, the next time the jetski went out the impeller spun off the stub shaft again. Should I put red loctite on the threads this time around? Well, I guess I'm going to do that since it's the only thing I can try before replacing the whole jet pump. Could something else be going on other than something getting caught in the impeller?...because I just don't believe that's the case.

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    How tight did you make the impeller. Its torqued to 100 ft lbs. Thats quite a bit of torque

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    Mine did the same thing on my Gen. The first time was costly damage wise. I put the impeller back on and it came off again. I put red loctite thread locker on and now it's time for a water test.

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    Check the impeller stub shaft for bent. Rotate the impeller and look for any wobble at the impeller nose. Should be no wobble.

    Sometimes the threaded portion of the stub shaft gets bent slightly and causes problems. Only fix is a replacement stub shaft as they cannot be straightened. Well, I would not use one that had been 'straightened'.

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