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    Help i'm in limp mode and I can't get out

    96 SL 700 seems to be in limp mode. in the water it is very steady the engine reaches a certain rpm and will not go past it. On the trailer it seems to be fine just goosing the throttle but if you attempt to really rev the motor it sounds like it is hitting a rev limiter. I have clipped the wire to the temp sensor in the exhaust and removed the float from the oil tank. with the float at the bottom of the shaft an alarm sounds an stops when it is raised so this seems to be working correctly. What else could be causing it to go into limp mode.

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    If it will rev a lot higher on the trailer than in the water then the RPM limiter is not causing the problem.

    RPM limiter has a distinctive stuttering sound when it activates. Are you sure the engine is not just low on power?

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    I hear the stutter on the trailer but not in the water.

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