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    1997 spx oil question

    I have quite a bit of oil coming out of the exhaust when it's running. I haven't put it on the water yet but was just seeing if anyone had any ideas on this problem. Is there an adjustment on the oil pump or something? Any help would be great

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    What do you mean by "oil"?? Tons of smoke or actual wet oily mix (maybe mixed with water?)

    I assume you're running on the trailer, is water hose hooked up too?

    Have you run it yet this season or is this the first start coming off a winterization?

    Give us some more details - thanks!

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    Its a solid stream of oil that is kind of milky. I just bought the ski and was told it was kept in a heated garage
    I am running it on the trailer but haven't hooked up a hose yet. I haven't ran it more than 30 seconds. It runs and idles well

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    If it smokes more after it has been sitting you can suspect the inner crank seals...If its real bad you will need to clamp the oil line when in storage...just remember to take the clamp off!

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    Rotary crank seals are seeping most likely , go ride it if it runs and it will clear up. After clamp the supply line until next time.
    But in the past i have successfully used this stop leak as its thin enough to run through the oil injection. it swells the seals

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