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    2014 FX Cruiser Newbie Questions

    Hi Folks,
    I will be taking delivery of my new FX Cruiser on Saturday; got a good price from S&S marine in Clarksville, In.
    I do have some questions though.
    I am no stranger to a wrench having maintained a number of marine engines over the years.
    To prove the engine works, the dealer is going to start it and run it for less than 5 seconds without water - is that OK?
    Is there a break in period and if so - how long and is there a max rpm/speed?
    Does the 1812 engine consume oil between oil changes?
    Is an oil change required after the break in period?
    Does anyone use synthetic oil like Mobil 1 or should only fossil be used?
    Are there any other brands of oil that are acceptable?
    Can anyone recommend a brand of pump to withdraw the oil?
    That ought to be enough for now;

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    After 10 hours i switched to Moble 1 syn.

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    Thanks Hot Water for the reading material; I will definitely keep busy the next few nights.
    Dingram, I use Mobil 1 in my car and truck - no issues. Do you notice any oil consumption in your ski using Mobil 1??

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    nope none , i use it in my trucks ,cars and my guns, it doesnt burn off my AR bolt carrier.

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