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    Step by step removal instructions

    I know this is a long shot..

    I'm going to have to take my engine apart soon. I have a friend (Macgruber on here) who will help me, but I'd like to try to do as much as possible by myself. I figure I'll learn a lot more doing it myself.

    I have a shop manual but it's still a little bit daunting. Does anyone know where I could find a step by step list of instructions for removing the engine? Or has anyone on here made one for themselves that they'd be willing to share?

    I'm pretty good at following instructions, but I'm afraid that at some point I'll forget something important.

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    Should have been clearer.

    I have a 2002 Yamaha SUV.

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    this may help you. i used it when removing my gp800 motor. my guess is it would be similiar just different body

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    That should help a lot. Thanks.

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    The SBT manual here is for the Power Valve motor Chris. You need the same thing but for the 1200 Non Powervalve motor. The exhaust is very different and the motor has a different cylinder configuration. So.eone probably has that pdf though.

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