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    98 gp760 HELP engine noise

    Hi so I'm new to this and just recently purchased a 98 gp760 in good condition we have had it running every day for the last 3 weeks being that I live on the lake but this last weekend my wife was pulling a couple tubers and put the ski over and filled the compartment with water so we towed it back to the trailer drained the water and pulled the plugs I've been letting it sit open until today I thought I'd go run it around the lake a time or two and at the end of my run I noticed tat I'm hearing a ticking noise while it's running with the seats of and I have no idea what this is or if it's serious PLEASE HELP

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    If you fill an engine with water you should always drain it, and then run it ASAP to dry it out. Depending on how long you let it sit, you may have ruined your crank.

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    Well after we towed it back to the trailer (120yards) I pulled the drain plugs and let the water drain out of it pulled the spark plugs took it home (less the a mile) hit it with a small amount of eather and It fired right up took it down ran it in the lake for about 20 mins and then since then it's been sitting and last night was the first night I had run the motor w/out the seats on so I'm not 100 percent sure the noise started after it was rolled or if has been there and I haven't noticed it

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