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    Supercharger stuck in my RXT!

    I have a 2008 RXT which im trying to remove the supercharger, but this thing is stuck! I got all 3 bolts out, and it will move if i hit it with a hammer, but i cannot get this thing to come backwards at all! I have maybe 1/8 of an inch space between the left side (the bolt that is facing forward the bow) and the PTO cover. Same on top right. Feels like its binding up on the bottom, but i can't seem to apply the right force to it.

    What is the trick here?

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    might have to use a crow bar. I have done it before. actually I used a wedge on one side and a crowbar on the other, hit the crowbar, while the wedge keeps pressure on the opposite side. wear safety glasses when you hit the crow bar, btw the crowbar I used is about 4 ft tall.

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    I actually went out and bought a crow bar for the occasion, i still couldn't get it to move more than the 1/16 .... It feels like the bottom is where its getting hung up, that still feels like theres no space between the PTO housing and the back of the blower

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    I rolled an edge once on mine. Luckily the engine was out at the time. A dead blow helped get it free but it was a PITA.
    I also used some brass and oak wedges to get it moving.

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    The stealership installed this supercharger 2 years/20 hours ago after my motor ingested water and blew its case.

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    Rotate the charger (if looking from rear toward front of hull) clockwise a little, insert pry bar/crow bar/long extension between charger and pto cover on right side. Gently pry while rotating charger counterclockwise. Release pressure on pry bar, rotate back clockwise, and repeat. It will only move a little, but the prying and twisting will allow you to work it free.
    Oh, and check the driveshaft bearing boot below the charger and make sure the third torx head bolt below the charger is removed. You might have removed the wrong one by accident.
    Good luck!

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    Yea, make sure you removed the correct bottom torx bolt, its not hard to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncdoo View Post
    Yea, make sure you removed the correct bottom torx bolt, its not hard to do.

    the bottom bolt is DEFINITELY the correct one removed, I can actually feel a space with my finger mail between the PTO cover and the back of the charger, but it will not turn.... I think its binding up on the shaft from not being straight or something, but i can't get the thing to spin in the PTO at all by hand

    Ive done this job before and it hasn't been this difficult

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    I sprayed some penetrating oil on the portion of the shaft thats exposed, going to let it soak overnight and see how it acts in the morning. It feels like the dealer didnt put anti seize on the shaft before putting it back in the PTO

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    I have worked on a few that were a nightmare to remove. All of them had been removed before, and not greased up properly. I have a theory of what happens. The supercharger spins at 20K to 45K in operation, basically setting up ultrasonic vibrations. These vibrations cause aluminum to start to flow, basically ultrasonic welding. I believe you need to use a grease that will not flow out and allow this to happen. I use a moly-based wheel bearing grease that is supposed to withstand washout.

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