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    the dreaded ribbon delete install......

    was reading up on this and saw that it took people the better part of 4 hours... so i took half day from work only to have it done in 1hr 20 min.... had i known it was this easy i would've done it sooner haha. by the way it was on a 2014 FZS, now time to go ride it

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    Good job. Have fun. I hope to be on the water myself in about an hour.

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    Yeah it definitely wasn't near as bad as what many say...I would say average about 2hrs when taking your time and also tapping the intake for BOV while its out.

    If the only change you made was Ribbon delete let us know the change it made by itself

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    I just did my 2007 VX ribbon delete last night. Not the easiest bugger to get out.
    It took maybe 2¼ hrs. Should know the difference it makes in a week. Also installed
    R&D "stock-style" air filter, as I've been running sans-air filter for at least a year now.
    I'm not expecting more top speed than the current 53mph, but I'm hoping to
    just get to top speed quicker.

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    Its not that bad of a job, i thought the same until i just jumped balls deep in and got stuck into it. 1.5hrs and two cans of jack daniels job done.

    even doing charger clutch isnt that hard less than 2hrs just chippin away.

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    Mine didn't make any difference on my 14 fzs. Same speed. I could see it making a difference on a non supercharger.
    The blower will push the air through and make the same boost.

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    No offense but seems like Your frustrated... It's ok to be but... Removing the ribbon does make a difference, really quite simple, we will leave it as the displacement of air, less restriction,more flow,volume etc...

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    vx take about 10 minuets, while the fx takes between 45-1hr for me. beer breaks too

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    it made a difference in throttle response, not much for speed tho. i am surprised at how restrictive it was, makes u wonder how the engine breathes!

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    The blower will eventually push the air through, but as the boost is trying to rise downstream of the ribbon with throttle opening it will be restricted by that ribbon, hence the better response when it's removed - it's quite noticeable.

    I think many of those claiming really quick times have probably 1) Done it many times before; 2) Benefitted from the info on this forum from others who have posted about it and; 3) Might be gilding the lily a bit.... In many of the discussions I've had with others we've been in situations where someone is asking who hasn't done it before, and I stand by my earlier point that if your doing it for the first time and doing it carefully and right it will take more than an hour, and that 3 - 4 hours is backed up by the experiences posted here. (I did 3.5 hrs including the halfway break, I was careful not to drop stuff, took pics to ensure accurate reassembly and contemplated each stage to ensure it was done correctly. I saw nothing good about doing it faster and just generally dislike that job, a scraping my knuckles in a cold climate and doing important reassembly by feel...)

    It really would be a useless exercise but I had a chuckle thinking of the mantra I see on this forum when people claim amazing speeds for their ski's - "If it ain't on video it didn't happen" ... (I really am NOT suggesting anyone do that!).

    I like it a lot better when we dick swing about how fast we get our ski's to go!

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