Hi all, this is my first time posting on here, after using soo much info off here I wanted to give something back and hopefully get a bit of extra info.
As usual I've searched through so much on the net now I own a 3D DI and I've forgotten where I saw some quite useful bits of info.

I started out on the lake the day after travelling 300 miles to collect my new toy, the next day after 5 mins the exhaust melted, i checked all the pipes after some research and they all blew through fine, the tell tale was working fine and the hull didn't seem to take on too much water. So I put new hoses on her, re jigged the resonators to delete them and off i went again.

5 mins later, the ski stopped, smoke pouring from the engine bay and a horrible sinking feeling, I got the ski back to shore, took the covers off and drained the engine compartment... and this time the engine too. So i had to drain the engine, get it going again and investigate further.

It turns out after much hassle the exhaust has got two big holes on the lower ally plugs, so no water going into the exhaust. Everything seemed OK because it blew through, but be warned it could be really bad!! You wont know unless you remove the exhaust.

My question is this though, should water be able to enter the exhaust gas further up than the very rear of the downpipe, it has 3 holes in the very end, when i close off the rotten two holes (just using my finger for now) there is only a stream out of these three holes. When I look inside the exhaust on the back of the welded plugs there are small indentations, should these spray water?

Basically with the exhaust off and the hose connected to the primary coolant inlet, where should i see water coming from? It doesn't spray into the exhaust to mix with the gasses, it just sprays into the waterbox through three small holes. I can see it would cool the system, but i thought the welded plugs should spray into the gasses?

thanks for reading and hopefully this might help someone and someone might understand my query.