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    Fire=parts needed

    Well working on my neigbours 99 GTI RFI i made a big mistake.

    The stater bendix was sticking, not engauging and i removed the starter and cleaned the bendix with some brake clean then light oil on the shaft.

    My neigbour came over, caused a distraction and I decieded to test the starter before i reinstall it (as its not easy to get to)

    Well I grounded it to the block, with my arm wraped under the engine and it made a spark!

    The brake cleaner had not disipated and had pooled in the bilge along with oil and dirt (he does not take care of the machine) . The spark ignited the brake clean, in a big poof! burnt all the hair off my arm and lit my hair on fire as I could not pull back fast enough because my arm was under the engine.
    Flames right in my face.
    Then the bilge caught fire, and I had to run to the house for the hose.

    I got the fire out, but it melted the cooling hoses under the cylinders and burnt a hole through the oil hose from the oil tank top vent.

    Wireing is ok, and everything else is fine (starter even works!) and the ski runs fine. Just needs the plastic T and some hoses. Fuel tank was full, got the fire out before it ignited or else it would have burnt the ski to the ground.

    I made a mistake, rushed a job and I paid for it! Stupid mistake.

    Luckly no burns, just instant hair removal and a nasty smell!! Eyebrows intact.
    Laughing at my stupidity is ok!

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    Easy mistake. Glad your ok.

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    @minnetonka4me will be able to fix you up with the parts you need

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    Test your starter with a jump box next time like i do... I always want to test them before i bolt them on because they are a pain... but i use a jump box to avoid a similar calamity. @minnetonka4me... is that a guy named Nick? if it is i have dealt with him before with great success...

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