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    Buddy almost sunk his ski tonight

    Went clamming for an hour or so and a friend had hard time getting on his ski, kept rolling over. Turns out his hull was flooded...Last time he used it the washout hookup got loose and he forgot all about it..When we got back to the dock, we tried to tighten in it was very hard to reach...and getting dark...I think its a 2012 or 13 gti 130 or 155 hp is there a special tool to reach that far in to turn the nut? any other "tricks" to get this tight? I'm sure it should still be covered, but who knows how long that may take to get fixed..thanks for any help!

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    Thanks for all the replies Anyway, he brought it to the dealer, all fixed. They did have to remove(or move) exhaust/h20 box...Its was a couple weeks over a year old, charged him 50 deductable...

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    After trying to unscrew my drain plug yesterday, the entire drain assembly came out. And lucky me, it ws on the IBR side, so getting it back together wa a real pain.

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    Is it a hose clamp holding it on? If so a wretched with a long extension would work or even a flexible extension if it's easier

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    no, its some proprietary looking star nut, plastic I think

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    Just another example of why bilge pumps should be installed!

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    Yes, been thinking more and more of doing that...A big reason is there is always a fair amount of water in bottom when done riding, not really sure from where though as its hard to see anything in these newer skis! (2010 rxt)

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    I'm about to fit a bilge pump as I discovered I had a carbon ring failure at 73 hrs .... since fixed under warranty..... But i'm thinking if that Carbon ring fails totally surely no bilge pump can cope?

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