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    Fuses in a Sea-Doo XP DI

    Does anyone know where all the fuses are located on the Sea-Doo XP DI? Are the actual fuses on the circuit the ones that are located on the MPEM inside the box "Spare Fuses". I've wondered this for a while, because I only know of only two other fuses on the watercraft.

    I am trying to locate the 7.5 amp fuse for my VTS system to see if its blown, but no avail.

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    If you are blowing the VTS fuse, you have a bad IC card in the VTS unit. It usually only fails at the limits of full up or down. The fuse is in the box on the MPEM. I thought it was a 15, but it has been years since that happened to mine.

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    Fuse is not blown, however the VTS is stuck in the full up position. Fuse is confirmed as a 7.5.

    Any idea on the problem anyone?

    I'm assuming it is the VTS box, has anyone installed an aftermarket VTS fix kit that you can purchase off?

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