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    Just aquired a 94 SL750

    its been sitting for 2 years, never been in salt water (pretty sure). broken kill switch. owner told me ran good two years ago, but might need more than a kill switch. it was not winterized before the 2 years sit.

    this ski cost me $0. has a clean title.

    its all there, battery is missing is all. outside needs a good cleaning, handle bar pad, grips and re-matting

    So before I start the basics, compression test/clean out fuel, rebuild carbs.etc. I wanted to ask you guys what is the typical history of these things, never had one.

    what I mean is what usually goes bad, is it worth bringing this thing back to life? how well do they preform stock. I was also thinking about selling it as a whole as is with title (I live in the Charlotte NC area).

    ( I know there is a classified section, but I not really sure about selling, just wanted to put it out as part of the conversation should there be interest)

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    See my signature links for new owners regarding the common repair and maintenance items.

    The 1994 model will have the upgraded 148mm jet pump and simplified water cooling system.

    The blue Fuji engines tend to be tough but they absolutely require the fuel system and carburetors to be 100% clean and well maintained. Upgrading to the triple outlet fuel pump helps ensure reliable long term operation but is not a substitute for actually doing the maintenance work and properly rebuilding the carburetors, replacing the fuel hoses, etc.

    There are fuel hoses inside the fuel tank that must be replaced.

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