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    Tiny bet of water in my intercooler

    I just took out my intercooler to see if everything was all right. But I found a bet of water in there about a teaspoon is this ok. And how do you do a leak test on a intercooler with no bleeding hoses. It's the fizzle xs. I ran water in the inlet hoses and pluged the outlet hose and there was no water leaking in side. So is that how you do a leak test with this intercooler

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    Water could be condensation. Do an air pressure test to be sure its not leaking. I would test at 10psi.

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    I was going to but how. This fizzle xs intercooler does not have a bleeding hose. Do I plug one of the inlet outlet hose. And put air in the other

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    Oh and just say it not condensation, what do I do. Would there be water in the engine or do I not worry about it

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    It's normal , jut run it every week for 30sec to get bits lubricated ... It will keep the moistur out , or help ...

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    Cool,, thanks

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