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    2004 Yamaha gp850/1200xlt water discharge question from side

    I have a Yamaha 850gp and 1200xlt and have not ran them since last year. I started them in the driveway on the hose and the 850 discharges great from the right side but the left side nothing comes out, that is looking from the rear of the ski.

    The 1200 does the same thing, but the discharge on the left side is great but the right side nothing. I can't remember if this is how it was last year. Want to take them out tomorrow but don't know if this will ruin the engines since I don't have water coming out of all 4 ports, don't know if I need to be up and running at the lake for all 4 to work well. Other than that the skis appear to be fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your time and help.


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    low water pressure on your hose, you can lower the trailer and put the tongue on the driveway that helps as well. Your fine, put them on the lake and give them some gas you will see them spraying, if some some reason they are not then put them back on the trailer and trouble shoot.....but doubtful that there is any issue here.

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