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    Exhaust valve dropped after 15 hours???? I curse you

    It seems like every time I take my 2011 RXT-X I have issues. A victim of a leaky intercooler, and saltwater gave me a new engine from SeaDoo. IBR issues, making me question my love for Seadoo.

    The latest is an exhaust valve that dropped. I'm a mature rider, that took his time breaking in his new engine.

    My mods or lack of Mods, consist of a 4 inch air intake, and a v-tech reflash, that may have been deleted when the dealership downloaded the latest software. The ECU reflash was 8375, but with the lack of mods to support it, I never got past 8100 rpms, most of the time 8050.

    After getting the ski from the dealership....again. Went to the lake and after 15 minutes of riding, wide open for no more than 20 seconds, the engine shutoff. Total hours on ski is 35 hours. Let's see if SeaDoo buys me another engine. With the extended warranty running out....sink or swim?


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    So now even the solid valves from a 2011 are breaking? Crap.

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    No....the new 2014 engine exhaust valve broke

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCski View Post
    No....the new 2014 engine exhaust valve broke
    Even worse.

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    Clarify. Did the valve actually break (where) or did the retainer cause the valve to drop?

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    You have a tuned and modded ski but its seadoos fault?

    Take at least some responsibility for your choice to modify the ski

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    We'll break into it on Tuesday, and I'll post more updates then.

    As for taking more responsibility for my mods...? I will, this post was more to communicate on what had happened to me, and maybe it'll help someone else out there.

    From my understanding after a software update the ski goes back to original. So that leaves a 4 inch air inlet for mods. I can't help but to think that something else isn't going on here. The ski was barely over 8000 rpms, and if that was truly the cause of this valve breaking, there's a whole lot of people that need to bring their ski back to stock. There's a pretty good chance the block is cracked too, I agree, it's not worth it.

    As for the IBR module error, and the faulty intercooler that ruined an engine, a supercharger and a throttle body, the ski was all stocked then. A Yamaha or a Kawasaki might be in my future.

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    One more update, apparently it's common practice when an engine is replaced by the dealership like mine was. That they will remove the data plate from the old engine and install it on the new engine. I'm not sure how you track your engine this way. Why this is concerning to me is that the dealership never filed the paperwork with SeaDoo and currently SeaDoo has no record of this engine swap. If the dealership pulled a fast one on me and got my old engine running, that could explain why the exhaust valve broke.

    The smoking gun will be if the engine has corrosion in it, then it's original. The last update from the dealership is that the paper work has been submitted, I'll call SeaDoo Monday to see what was done.

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    Raw aluminum and salt water are horrible combination. At one point in my engineering carrier, I ran a salt spray test cabinet. It was amazing how fast we could destroy aluminum and steel stuff. If the aluminum stuff was touching the steel stuff, the accelerated results were even more pronounced.

    Personally, I would never use a ski I owned in salt water.

    Regarding the valves, I will be very interested in what the source of the failure was. These motors can go way over the stated rev limit. Like 300 to 1500 over depending on the ECU setup you are running. I have seen as high as 9900 with a 8400 rev limit.


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    Buy a Yamaha instead... just kidding. Good luck!

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