Riva motorsports does it again my oem 2011 rxp-x 255 ecu back to normal and all tools fixed including stock bin.carlos at riva motorsports of miami was able to reinstall all factory key settings including placing my stock vessel vin back on it.lol the ecu they sent me last from torx again was not for my ski but for 2012 or 2013 rxp-x 260 and had givin me 8 error codes,thank god i kept my 2011 rxp-x 255 oem stock ecu and took it with me this morning because carlos at riva told me my stock still good and was able to use it again .i guess i got lucky.torx racing couldnt fix my oem tools on stock ecu they screwed up with six times/2months trying and riva fixes it with theyre buds program in ten minutes.=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>=d>

special thanks to riva motorsports bubba from pompano beach,carlos and mike from miami

and jonathon from vtech

and jerry from the hulk