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    Aeromotive relay wiring

    So my OEM pump had enough this week and said goodbye

    I decided to bite the $$$ bullet and go with the Riva Aeromotive kit.

    But then I read this post;

    Now I'm really confused on wiring the relay. I don't have the luxury of "trying it one way to see how it goes" as you are well aware I have that stupid, SOAB suspension deck to remove every time.

    Therefore, can those of you who are actually running the Aeromotive Stelth pump give me your experience of the way you found best to wire the relay.

    Riva's suggested way or otherwise?


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    IMO, that 340 pump is overkill (15A) and I may even suggest running new dedicated power/ground wire since it draws far more amps (thicker gauge).

    I would suggest the Walbro 255 (GSS342). Cheap and does the job. You will still need to wire in a relay & fuse - but only 10A.

    I've attached a picture another GH member posted and hope this clears it up for you.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I have the Aeromotive FP and Riva relay installed per Riva instructions, and works perfectly.

    Prior to this I ran the Walbro FP for over 2 years without the relay until the FP locked up and failed.

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    you could also use the r&d relay kit, no need to cut in the wiring harnes it's plug and play. use it with the walbro pump and you're cheaper than the riva kit.

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    Of course money is important, but reliabillity, safety and "fit-n-forget" are paramount for me. Therefore I have decided to go with the Riva Automotive kit, just wanna get the power supply and relay spot on, first time. I don't care about cutting into the stock harness, I'm a million miles away from a factory fresh ski.

    Thinking of running a complete new heavy weight wire from the battery, through the relay and using the feed from the ECU just to trigger the relay.

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    Guys, just to close the loop, I asked Riva Crew to explain the purpose of their relay when wired in the way they suggest. Here's their answer;

    Re: Aeromotive Fuel Pump kit
    The relay is placed between the ecu and the fuel
    pump to protect ECU from excessive current. The main harness is the
    battery + side of the fuel pump where as the ECU supplies the battery -.
    Without the relay the fuel pump control circuit in the ecu would be
    overloaded. With the relay in place the ECU now controls the ground side
    of the relay instead of the fuel pump ground allowing the relay to
    handle the load.
    Please ride responsibly!

    So a different use than you would normally use a relay for. So the OEM gauge wire can carry the 15A it's the ECU that gets freaked out.


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