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    2 MSX140 2 sets of problems need advice

    MSX 140 #1: Runs or I wil say it starts up, has the water hose connection on it. TOOK IT TO THE LAKE ,B4 I could get it off the trailer hull was filing with water around the shaft. ADVICE on replacing seals etc?

    MSX140 #2 Replaced fuel with fresh 93 octane (no water hose connection on this one) spark plugs in it where new. Does not look as if it has been ridden much. IN lake starts up, runs rough for minute or 2, Gets better. TOPS OUT AT 6100 RPM, 50-55MPH SMOOTH WATER, planes out ok. no leaks in hull. From idle get it going 5-10MPH and you give it full throttle suddenly it stumbles, I wanna say goes into a limp mode, as long as you hold WOT open throttle it will not go and spit and sputter, if you gradually give it throttle then [email protected] is possible for as long as you hold at WOT or anytime you try to turn sharp and get on the throttle- limp mode. Seat on / off no difference. 2 nd day of running - now 1/2 tank later getting worse and won't idle. 3rd no worse but no idle and at 1/4 tank fuel. Changed out the TPS from the other 140. it now idles sporaticly and IDLE TO WOT IS BETTER BUT STILL CUTS OUT. If you are slowing and want to turn or go WOT again you have to "throttle it OR REPEATDLY PUMP THE THROTTLE AS IF IT carbed with accelerator pump to get it to go. BOTH MSX140 have been well kept and are in new like condition

    Thank You for any help.

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    For MSX #1: there is a Polaris bearing / seal rebuild kit available, PN 2858113, I got mine from parts pit stop but you can get them from other vendors as well. It's about 30 bucks and has 3 new seals and a new bearing. If your seals are gone, chances are your bearing could be toast as well. I just replaced the seals in my thru-hull bearing and my bearing was completely destroyed (ski has about 138 hours on it), had to grind the old bearing's outer race out of the bearing carrier. The bearing seal kit comes with instructions that are fairly helpful. To replace the seals, you will need to remove the jet pump assembly (and nozzle), and remove the drive shaft. There are a number a threads here on the forum that speak to it. Removing the driveshaft requires a drive shaft removal tool (about 40 bucks) and a chain strap wrench to hold the shaft coupler in place while you unscrew the shaft.

    On MSX #2, the ski should be able to hit 6900 RPM on flat water with ease. Compression could be low if your only getting 6100 RPM, I'd check that along with all your electrical connections for TPS, Exhaust temp sensor. If it behaves differently when you are turning, that sounds like it could be a wiring connection issue...

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    6900 is kind of high. You may be lucky and have one that turns up like that. My MSX runs anywhere from 6600-6800. That is with a jet pump in perfect condition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BryanP View Post
    6900 is kind of high. You may be lucky and have one that turns up like that. My MSX runs anywhere from 6600-6800. That is with a jet pump in perfect condition.
    Really? Isn't the RPM limiter set to something like 7200? If that is the case I would think 6900 would be easily reachable with an engine that is running well. One thing I did do, which I noticed a few months ago when my top speed seemed a little low (only reaching about 55 or so on the speedo), was adjust throttle blade position slightly so that at WOT the blades were nearly 100% open. This appeared to give it a little more "ass" at WOT, with slightly higher RPMs, and hit speeds of in the low 60's on the speedo (this isn't GPS, so "real" speed is likely in the upper 50s).

    I remember seeing others post about a typical WOT rpm of about 6900... Oh well!

    In any case, it appeared that 6100 RPM as the top speed RPM is a little low in the OP's case.

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    I could very well be mistaken on the RPM 6600 OR 6900 not sure but I will let you know. Speedo seems good up until about 50mph then it starts showing all kinds of numbers from 59-66 I think is the fastest I have seen. 1ST TIME OUT on the 140 IT WAS TRYING TO IDLE, hit the throttle it would stall out, not die but just not go, rapidly throttling it open and close and it will pick up and take off. If you hit the gas and it takes off and you turn sharp then it cuts out. The light in the dash does work but never comes on. I changed the fuel out. I CHANGED THE tps OUT FROM THE OTHER 140, IT NOW IDLES AND THE THROTTLE RESPONSE IS BETTER BUT, IDLE IS ROUGH AND TAKE OFF FROM IDLE IS SPORATIC. POSSIBLE 2 BAD TPS NOT SURE , ORDERING 1 AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. GETTING 6500 WITH OUT AN ISSUE WOULD BE GREAT!

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