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    ? On Yamaha VX110 deluxe Oil over service condition


    I looking into getting a ski once again.

    I found a 2006 Yamaha VX110 deluxe that has been over serviced on oil, which it still starts and idles. Asking price is $1500 which I figure I could possibly get it cheaper.

    I do know my way a bit around the 2 stroke Efi from my old bike I had. The 4stroke is gonna be just a learning curve for me mechanically.

    Would this be a good buy considering the over oil service condition? What would most likely need to be addressed to resolve an oil over service condition? What kinda of things would I need to look for that could potential be a bigger issue with the Yamaha?

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    I'd correct the oil level, check the air filter for oil contamination and take it for a test run. My 2011 would run 55 on a good day.

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    what does "over serviced on oil" actually mean??

    if it means what i think it does and someone is selling a ski because they dont know how to put oil in it..or remove it..makes you wonder what else they didn't know how or neglected to do?

    Cant go wrong for 1500 bucks, especially If it starts and runs, you could have yourself an good ski at an awesome price, but it might take a lot of work.
    Be sure to check compression, and dont take someones word for it.

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    Thanks for info, yeah It struck me odd that you over service and instead of fixing it you just sell it?!?!?! But it could be a simple fix and a cheap ski for it. Won't know till I check it out to see what really may or may not been going on with it.

    thanks again for the info this forum has always been a great help

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