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    Problem 2009 Yamaha VX

    Hey Guys
    Having a problem with my Yamaha VX. Running fine for past five years. Couple of weeks ago I was cruising at 45mph and ski just stalled out. Started back up ran fine for a few minutes and then died again. Same thing happens over and over, running fine for 5/10 minutes and then just stall out. Sometimes takes a while to restart. I was thinking water in gas, so I drained tank, threw some sea foam and stabil in and changed the plugs. Went out today and still having a problem. Could it be fuel injectors, something simpler or something more complex? Any help would be appreciated.

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    Is there a code on the dash ?

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    soudns like a TB or Tps issue. or a faulty harness. Whats the starting voltage ? If you arent getting more then 12.5 volts while cranking you need a new battery.

    Remove your ecu and check all the pins and see if they are corroded. Unplug the plugs and using a flat head push in the white tab and youll unlock the wires, and they will pull out of the plug with ease. MAKE 100% sure that you only unplug one wire at a time and that you make sure it seats all the way back in or the white tab wont lock fully. Use needle nose pliars and just go slow. youll see how easily they come out...

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    Also as a precaution, if you are going to drain the fuel tank, pull the fuel rail and injectors off and clean with tb cleaner to get any potential water out of the lines. But if it runs fine then acts stupid, you are likely having an electrical issue.

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