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    2005 RXT Blown SC, What to get?

    I had split water ways and a hose pinched going to the IC.
    Long story short. My IC overheated blew the core and sent it into the SC which did a touchdown (but no points) and blew up.

    My current setup was a Riva Gen 2 SC wheel with custom 4 inch rear seat intake. I had the XS IC with custom tubing.
    14/19 solas with a little tweak from Impros. It was doing 9.1lbs of boost and settling in at 70 on gps.

    I re-ordered a CXracing IC from ebay since it had the same dimensions as my old one to match my tubing.
    I used to have split water ways one from the pump to the IC and out of the side of the ski and then the other to the exhaust.

    Really efficient but costly if your split water shuts down (no alert like on the exhaust).
    I'm going to put the water routing back to the normal way through IC and to the exhaust.

    Things have changed since I had my ski dialed in.
    I emailed Jerry to see his thoughts/services.

    I'm leaning toward the X charger with 42lb injectors

    Then re-pitching my 14/19 solas to a 15/20

    Any thoughts on this route or is their another "bang for buck" approach on all the different SC options.
    Before it was just Riva wheel

    If I go the injector route is their anything I'll I have to consider. New valves or something , or something else to harden the ski...

    I'm in a slump from loosing my ski so thinking going bigger might have a good outlook
    Then figure out how to get all this grey dust out of my engine and oil....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kinchyle View Post
    I had split water ways and a hose pinched going to the IC.
    Long story short. My IC overheated blew the core and sent it into the SC which did a touchdown (but no points) and blew up.

    How did that happen?IC is after SC if i am not wrong..

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    Not sure, it was my assumption. IC was boiling hot when I pulled the seat. Maybe water spray back on a hot SC? Maybe when the SC goes into negative boost at slow/idle speed (foot~ of tubing between SC and IC) ? When I pulled the IC and did a water pressure test and I could shake water out of it. Also had metal slivers on the output side of IC.

    I had a temp alarm on the IC but forgot to put batteries in it....

    I ended up riding it to the dock about 4 miles going around 30. Boost gauge wasn't reading any boost.

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    As i know if you devide a line in 2 u get half pressure than normal on each one...less pressure means less flow thru the IC water pipes,so that's why your ic overheated.That's my opinion but maybe i am wrong...

    About metal silvers on the output of IC i would pull intake mani and throttle body for inspection...just to be sure nothing went in there...

    IMO find first what caused this and then move on upgrading...

    P.s X charger and 42 are great combo and you can upgrade it if you want later with ET137 wheel

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    I think the split line halved water pressure and the IC cooked or is normally cooking! Water within is a blown core or condensation.

    Metal on inside of IC I suspect came from SC touchdown. Hopefully the clutch, gear and rest of the assembly is still fine and still attached to the SC.

    I would first pull SC and inspect. Then inspect air intake / throttle. I'd also air pressure test the IC to make certain if it's leaking or not.
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    Forgot to mention that after splitting a line in 2 will not only drop your pressure but if the ends of these lines have different back pressure a large % of water will follow the one having the less BP.

    I don't wanna be @sshole but u have a grill for steaks that way!

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    been on vacation?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaybat View Post
    been on vacation?

    Ya it's been awhile. Had some kids
    Now they are grown enough to ride so wanted to gear back up the ski.
    Good to see greenhulk thriving!

    Regarding half pressure.
    I have 2 water lines. I have a custom one coming from the pump. Using the opas water out and I have it going into the ski with a custom block off in the back. I tested with it prior (pressure/flow) to figure out what was the same.
    Having 2 water lines I was thinking less back pressure. My IC goes straight out the side of the ski (under the grip handles) using a through hull adapter. Usually the hoses have some water in them but I had it emptied out so it looks like they pinched. There is good flow from the pump but not alot of pressure so I guess it wasn't enough to push out the pinch.

    Sounds like I need to do some cleaning up of the dust/pieces and then move toward the X SC and 42lb.
    Does the X SC have a 4 out or is it 3 like the 215 SC ?

    Anyone have an X SC and intercooler on the RXT ? What pitch on prop ?

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    Based on yalls feedback and guru on the mountain Jerry I purchased the x charger and injectors.
    Ordered a bunch of oil change stuff since I'm going need 3 or 4

    Anyone run their ski without the charger in it ?
    It would be nice if I could so I could do some oil changes and get some grey matter out.

    Will I be ok running the 14/19 for a little (just cavitation??)...
    After I get it all running I'm going to move to 15/20R.

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