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    2011 kawasaki 300X Speero fix?

    Hi all
    i have an error code indicating there's a problem with my speedo
    the wheel spins freely

    whats the common problem & fix with these?

    where is the connector the service manual refers to? I want to test it as per service manual
    Do I have to pull the water box to find it?

    All advice greatly appreciated!

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    Bump umpBump ump

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    There are no speedo problem on stock ultra 300x skiss. Bump bump bump .....might be a bad bearing tho
    Having seen all the problems you are having .....I think you need to take it to a mechanic

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    Sorry for not providing an update... all my problems were caused from bad gas

    When I bought the 300X, the seller said the machine was topped up... he failed to tell me he topped it up last year... of which he only rode it twice last year... so the majority of the fuel was two years old... again seller failed to mention this until I called him back looking for more history on the thing.. after replacing the fuel, I had two bad plugs... so I replaced them all. Ski now works awesome, except for the speedo issue.

    The original dealer lost Kawasaki this year and now another dealer has picked up the Kawasaki line for 2014. I'm not gonna bring my ski in for them to learn on. In reality, the two weeks of going over this ski and trying to figure it all out will benefit in case I'm on the water and have problems... I learned a lot and now know where most problem areas are... so some good did come out of it!

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