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    Polaris SL 750...running a '93 CDI in a '95?????

    First post here...have posted on snowmobile forum MANY times, man do these forums help! First of all, thanks for the help. Have 2 '95 Polaris SL 750's that have sat for about 6 years. Kids can now drive so I thought I would revive. Got both going, one fairly simple. Just cleaned up carbs, bought a new battery/plugs, filled up with gas and all is good.

    The other is another story. My helpful son got the positive connector of a battery charger on something that should not have been connected to. Cooked stator, wires from electrical box to stator, and CDI. Bought a '94 stator which is supposed to be inner changeable...seemed to work good. Without doing any research I found a complete 750 electrical box with CDI and all wires shipped for $100. Upon further inspection I found the electrical box I bought is from a '93 750. I said what the hell and thru the '93 CDI in my '95 and the thing runs great.

    Two questions: Any reason not to keep '93 750 CDI in my '95 750? And are updated, charged fire extinguishers required in these machines? I am in Michigan and will only run on inland lakes. Thanks in advance for all the help so far and hopefully more help to come.

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    Just found this on another Forum:

    Re: Will cdi of '95 sl750 work on '93 sl750?Just got back from 4 days of riding. I would not use a 94-95 cdi on the 93. The 93 needs to rev higher than the 94-95 rev limiter allows. The 93 750 has the shorter dry pipe and needs to rev higher than the 94-95 cdi will allow. The 94-95 cdi does have a better timing curve and more advance down low which would be welcome on the slightly anemic 93 SL750 but the 6700 rpm rev limiter is the problem. The 93 cdi had a 7200rpm rev limiter but a much milder advance down low. I think a Pro785 CDI would probably work better as those have 8000+ rpm rev limiter and a more timing advance down low. ph2ocraft can probably better answer the Pro785 cdi hooking up to the 93 electronics. If I'm not mistaken, I think he is using one for the PSI triple pipes I sold him? The Pro785 cdi will have extra wires that don't hook up (like the exhaust valve controllers and the limp mode circuit that the 93-95 750s don't have). I think the stator for all the Fujis is the same?

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    What is the parts number / markings on the CDI box? If it is in fact a 93 CDI, keep track of the hours on the ski and note any issues that may arise. I wouldn't worry on the timing and rev limiter issue above. The 750s really don't run much higher than 6200 RPM.

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    I will do so and post any issues. It has only been revived for a weekend so I really have not had a chance to ride too much. Having two identical '95 750's...if there is a difference due to one having a '93 CDI box I should be able to tell. Thanks

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    That's up to you to discover and post. Don't forget which one has the 93 in it!!!! Were they performing the same before?

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    1993 Fuji 650 CDI in a 1995 Fuji 650 engine does not run properly at low RPM

    The '93 CDI in an SL 750 will work in a '95 SL 750, but does run different.

    The '1993 CDI made my 1995 run bad on the low end, almost like it was running on 2 cylinders. After I would get to about 10 mph it would kick in and run very good.

    This is not something I would recommend unless you were in a pinch to test see if you rebuilt your machine properly, which is what I did.
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