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    New RXT owner :) Initial questions

    Picked up a 35 hour 2005 RXT recently. Ski is in great shape overall. The supercharger has the ceramic washers so that needs to be changed. But my question is, do you guys think the whole supercharger should get rebuilt?
    Also, would it be safe to take it out on the water if im gentle on the throttle and don't hammer down on it? I will definitely be changing the oil first and throw in new plugs. I just would like to get out on it 1 time before i start tearing it apart. lol

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    I wouldn't risk even starting it up before rebuilding sc'er. The washers get brittle and could break anytime. Yes you have to rebuild whole charger. Comes as a kit.

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    There is a member on here who you can send it to. Excellent price, and he only uses quality parts. His SCers hold up better than dealer rebuilt ones

    Edit: Its jerry at 4tec performance

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    Full rebuild

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    .....ask me how I know.

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    Don't even start it again till that s/c is completely rebuilt. Send it to Jerry.

    If that s/c lets go your in for a big night mare..

    Also read up on the shitty valves on your ski before it drops.

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    Ok no test run for me. This weekend I'm gonna pull the supercharger.

    I have read up on the valve issue, so I brought it up to my friend who is the jet ski tech at a pretty large local dealership. He never even heard of the issue or seen any instances of it. So I'm not really sure on what to make of the issue. I don't remember what he said but something like a couple hundred s/c rebuilds a year. So he sees his fair share of skis through the shop.

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    scroll down to post 29

    and there are many more just like that

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    You can get away with just the washers change for a good 40 or 50 hr more. Dont go crazy changing things if is your first ski

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    +1 on the charger rebuild.

    The valve issue had me scared enough to sell my '05 RXP. All I kept thinking was "sink about $1500 into it to ensure it doesn't happen, or wait for it to happen and be out the cost of a new motor, about $3000". I've read of tons of skis having the valve issue and heard of a lot not having it. To me it was a ticking time bomb, and with my luck it was sure to blow. lol

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