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    Watch Kawasaki’s POV Look at Racing The Long Beach-To-Catalina Offshore

    Last month, The Watercraft Journal dared the elements and a whole lot of common sense to compete in the annual Long Beach-to-Catalina Offshore National Championship. Known as possibly one of the most grueling open ocean races in the United States, the event has all been claimed by the all-time record-holding winner, Craig Warner with five championships – three of which he earned consecutively.

    But as ventured to compete in this fantastic event, we were permitted to race alongside Kawasaki’s perennial guru of go-fast testing and development, multi-time World Champion Minoru Kanamori. The units Kawasaki proved us to race were identical bone-stock 2014 Kawasaki Ultra 310R JetSkis, qualifying us for inclusion in the lauded Manufacturer’s Stock class – requiring zero modifications other than traction mats, seat covers and handlebars.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com

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    Flyin'...looks like fun!

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    Love it. This was why I bought a 300x. Need to get the handlebars upgraded like this asap.

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