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    06 vs 07 GTX seats

    I have a 06 and my wife has a 07 GTX..both with similar hours (50) the only difference is mine is supercharged. We went riding this weekend and we switched ski's for a bit. Wow was I surprised at how much more comfortable the 07 seat was over the 06. The 07 is built more like a cruiser seat I guess you would call it but it was a lot less painful on rough water. So after we got home I had to see if the 07 seat would fit the 06 and to my surprise they did(I thought the changes between 06 and 07 would prevent this). With that said where can I find a 07 GTX seat. I want to get one in silver (it came on the limited in 07) or either a 07 /08 GTX that needs recovered..been hunting with no luck.

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    I found many seats on ebay. Needed a 2006 Wake GTX seat because mine was all black with mold. Picked one up for $75.

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    Yea.I think I got a set off a member here..Now I got to get a cover ordered.

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