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    How do you fog inside your engine?

    Hey Guys,

    I have a 2014 Yamaha Deluxe and was wondering how do you fog inside the engine?

    Also, how do spray corrosion inhibitor on outside of engine if you simply can't get to it.

    Thanks in advance..


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    Hello Crawfish18,

    I spray Fluid Film with the following makes it easy to hit those difficult spots. " It is a 24" wand with a 360° nozzle. This is great for getting in the inaccessible areas. (jet ski's, car doors, marine engines, etc)"

    Good Luck!

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    +1 on the Fluid film.
    Usually I spray the engine and all metal components under the seat once a year. Wand and 360 deg
    also works well. Also works well straight from the spray of the can. No rust or corrosion on my wave runner.

    Just before season storage --- Inside the engine I use Stabil fog oil - Remove the air intake tube at the butterfly valve. Force open the butterfly valve and spray liberally. Run briefly for 5 seconds. Remove plugs and fog each cylinder.
    I'm sure there is a more detailed "how-to" elsewhere on here.

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    Thanks for the info guys....

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